Major Equipments
1I.C Engine – 2 Stroke Petrol Cut-Model
2I.C Engine – 4 Stroke Diesel Cut-Model
3Redwood Viscometer
4Flash Point Apparatus Closed Type
5Flash Point Apparatus Open Type
6Single Cylinder 4-Stroke Diesel Engine Test Ring With Electrical Dynamo Panel & Loading Panel
7Single Cylinder 4-Stroke Slow Speed Diesel Engine Test Ring With Rope Brake Dynamo Meter Panel
8Multi-Cylinder Petrol Engine Test Ring With Hydraulic Dynamo Panel
9Two Stage Twin Cylinder Air Compressor Test Ring With Panel
10Steam Boiler With Turbine Set Up
11Air Blower Test Ring
12Single cylinder 4 Stroke Petrol Engine With Mechanical Loading.
13Thermal Conductivity By Guarded Hot Plate (Solid) Apparatus
14Heat Transfer Through Lagged Pipe Apparatus
15Heat Transfer in Natural convection-vertical cylinder Apparatus
16Heat Transfer Through Forced convection inside tube Apparatus.
17Heat Transfer From Pin-fin Apparatus
18Stefan-Boltzmann Apparatus
19Emissivity Measurement Apparatus
20Parallel/Counter Flow Heat Exchanger Apparatus
21Refrigeration Test Rig
22Air-Conditioning Test Rig
23Thermal Conductivity of Insulating Power Apparatus.
24Fluidized Bed Cooling Tower.
25HC Refrigeration system Apparatus.
26HMX-Ambiator 0.5K and DAMA Sample.
Lab Incharge: Mr. V.Karthikeyan, AP/MECH
Lab Technician: Mr.P.Vijayaragavan