The PG course is offered by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering established in the year 2012, which is to cater the needs of Academia and Industries in the area of Computer Science in full time mode. M.E- Computer Science and Engineering focus towards enabling the students to contribute in real world problem solving, by undertaking sponsored research and consultancy beneficial to the society and publishing research findings in reputed journals leading to the establishment of Centre of excellence in emerging technologies.

Computer Science and Engineering curriculum integrates the fundamental concepts with skill oriented subjects which are necessary for immediate employment. The department provides the students a sound foundation of theory, concepts, in depth working knowledge in technology and hands on experience in computer software.

Some of the fields are: Design and Management of Computer Networks, Data Analysis and Business Intelligence, Sensing Techniques and Sensors, Speech Processing and Synthesis, Machine Learning Techniques, Real Time Systems, Cloud Computing, Data Visualization Techniques, Wireless Sensor Networks, Network and Information Security, Bio Informatics, Social Network Analysis, Managing Big Data, Mobile Application Development, Medical Image Processing, Information Retrieval Techniques, Enterprise Application Integration, Information Storage Management, Robotics etc. are introduced in the curriculum.

The Department has excellent infrastructure in terms of laboratories, classrooms, seminar halls etc. A well-qualified and dedicated team of faculty members add merit to the department.