Academic year
Number of VET program
Industry / Agency Involved
No. of Hours
Number of students Participated
2019-2020Electrical Rewinding and trouble shooting of electrical appliancesMr.M.Parthiban
Embedded product developer Caliber India Pvt.Ltd Salem.
9.12.19 to 21.12.195270
12017-2018PCB Design and Development1.   Dr.T.K.Santhosh, ASP/EEE
2. Mr.M.Jagadeesh Raja, AP/EEE
28.11.17 to 10.12.1772204
22016-2017Electrical wiring for residential and commercial building1. Mr.M.Barathi Selvaraj,ASP/EEE,
2. Mr.S.E.Murthy,AP/EEE,KIOT, Salem.
26.12.16 to 20.01.17115198
32015-2016Residential wiring design and estimation1.   Mr.M.Barathi Selvaraj,ASP/EEE,
2. Mr.S.E.Murthy,AP/EEE,KIOT, Salem.
16.12.15 to 10.01.16110208
42014-2015Electrical rewinding & Troubleshooting of electrical appliancesMr.M.Parthiban, Embedded product developer, Caliber India Pvt. Ltd,Salem08.12.14 to 24.12.1490187