Name of the Fourm
KIOT AICTE IDEA Lab (Idea Development, Evaluation and Application
Major Objectives
1.To achieve excellence in product development and innovation which leads to Start-ups by creating passionate entrepreneurs.
2.Train the next generation of young minds to execute their innovative ideas into viable products.
3.To make the Salem region as one of the National Hub and the most preferred destination for Start-ups.
Chief Mentor - KIOT IDEA Lab
Principal & Founder,
Chief-Mentor, IIC – KIOT
Coordinator - KIOT IDEA LabDr.K.Visagavel,
Vice Principal,
IIC President - KIOT
Co-coordinator - KIOT IDEA LabDr.N.Santhiyakumari, Director - R&D, KIOT.
Faculty Coordinators of KIOT IDEA Lab
Faculty Coordinator - KIOT IDEA Lab,
Mr.M.Jagadeeshraja, Assistant Professor / EEE - KIOT.
Mr.M.Dinesh Kumar, Assistant Professor / ECE - KIOT.Faculty Coordinator - KIOT IDEA Lab,
Mr.A.Selvakumar, Assistant Professor / MECH - KIOT.
Faculty Coordinator - KIOT IDEA Lab,
Techgurus & Faculty Incharge of KIOT IDEA Lab
Mr.BST. Ragu, Assistant Professor / ECE - KIOT.
Faculty Incharge - KIOT IDEA Lab,
Mr. A. Gajendran, Assistant Professor / MECH - KIOT.Techguru - KIOT IDEA Lab,
Mr.A.Silambarasan, Assistant Professor / ECE - KIOT.Techguru - KIOT IDEA Lab,
Mr.M.Rajkumar, Assistant Professor / EEE - KIOT.Techguru - KIOT IDEA Lab,
Mr.R.Ayyappan, Assistant Professor / IT - KIOT.Techguru - KIOT IDEA Lab,
Mrs.B.Ashwini, Assistant Professor / CSE - KIOT.Techguru - KIOT IDEA Lab,
Mr. M.Gopikumaran, Assistant Professor / CSBS - KIOT.Techguru - KIOT IDEA Lab,
Mr.S.Jayaprakash, Assistant Professor / AI & DS - KIOT.Techguru - KIOT IDEA Lab,
Mr.S.Arulkesavan, Assistant Professor / Civil - KIOT.Techguru - KIOT IDEA Lab,
Details of Activities carried out
Academic Year
No of Activities
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Mr.R.Shankar, Chief Executive – Capricorn Associates, Salem.Mr.P.R.Perumal, ITCOT, Chennai.