(Class Room,
Seminar Hall, etc..)
Name of
the Block
ICT Facility
LCD Projector
LAN / Wi-fiArea in Sq.mOthersLink
1Class RoomA3A 302YesYesWi-fi75NilIV MECH A
2Class RoomA3A 303YesYesWi-fi75NilIV MECH B
3Class RoomA3A 304YesYesWi-fi75NilIV MECH C
4Class RoomA3A 305YesYesWi-fi75NilIV MECH D
5Class RoomA3A 306YesYesWi-fi75NilII MECH A
6Class RoomA3A 307YesYesWi-fi75NilII MECH B
7Class RoomA3A 310YesYesWi-fi75NilIII MECH A
8Class RoomA3A 311YesYesWi-fi75NilIII MECH B
9Class RoomA3A 312YesYesWi-fi75NilM.E-ISE
10Class RoomA3A 313YesYesWi-fi75NilIII MECH C
11Class RoomA3A 314YesYesWi-fi75NilIII MECH D
12Class RoomB3B 309YesYesWi-fi75NilIV ECE A
13Class RoomB3B 308YesYesWi-fi75NilIV ECE B
14Class RoomB3B 305YesYesWi-fi75NilIII ECE A
15Class RoomB3B 304YesYesWi-fi75NilIII ECE B
16Class RoomB2B 302YesYesWi-fi75NilII ECE A
17Class RoomB2B 209YesYesWi-fi75NilII ECE B
18Class RoomB3B 208YesYesWi-fi75NilM.E-VLSI
19Class RoomC1C 108YesYesWi-fi75NilIV EEE A
20Class RoomC1C 109YesYesWi-fi75NilIV EEE B
21Class RoomC2C 201YesYesWi-fi75NilIII EEE A
22Class RoomC2C 202YesYesWi-fi75NilIII EEE B
23Class RoomC2C 204YesYesWi-fi75NilII EEE
24Class RoomC2C 205YesYesWi-fi75NilII CIVIL
25Class RoomC3C 208YesYesWi-fi75NilIII CIVIL
26Class RoomC3C 209YesYesWi-fi75NilIV CIVIL
27Class RoomC2C 301YesYesWi-fi75NilII CSE A
28Class RoomC2C 302YesYesWi-fi75NilII CSE B
29Class RoomC3C 304YesYesWi-fi75NilIII CSE A
30Class RoomC3C 305YesYesWi-fi75NilIII CSE B
31Class RoomC3C 308YesYesWi-fi75NilIV CSE A
32Class RoomC3C 309YesYesWi-fi75NilIV CSE B
33Class RoomD3D 202YesYesWi-fi75NilM.E-CSE
34Class RoomD3D 203YesYesWi-fi75NilI ECE A
35Class RoomD3D 204YesYesWi-fi75NilI ECE B
36Class RoomD2D 205YesYesWi-fi75NilI EEE
37Class RoomD2D 209YesYesWi-fi75NilI CIVIL
38Class RoomD3D 210YesYesWi-fi75NilI CSBS
39Class RoomD2D 302YesYesWi-fi75NilI CSE A
40Class RoomD2D 303YesYesWi-fi75NilI CSE B
41Class RoomD2D 304YesYesWi-fi75NilI CSE C
42Class RoomD2D 305YesYesWi-fi75NilI CSE C
43Class RoomD2D 308YesYesWi-fi75NilI MECH A
44Class RoomD3D 309YesYesWi-fi75NilI MECH B
45Class RoomKBSSGMBA009YesYesWi-fi75NilI MBA A
46Class RoomKBSS1MBA111YesYesWi-fi75NilI MBA B
47Class RoomKBSS2MBA202YesYesWi-fi75NilM.E-CSE
48Class RoomKBSS2MBA203YesYesWi-fi75NilM.E-EST
49Seminar HallA2A 209YesYesWi-fi / LAN165AC availableSeminar Hall
50Seminar HallE 3E 306YesYesWi-fi / LAN404AC availableSeminar Hall
51Seminar HallKBSS1MBA 104YesYesWi-fi / LAN185AC availableSeminar Hall
Master Time Table for ODD SemesterODD SEM
Master Time Table for EVEN SemesterEVEN SEM