In-Plant Training
Name of the Industry
Number of Students
Batch : 2009-2013
1Hindustan Photo Films Manufacturing Company Limited, Ooty.03
2Sun Bright Power Systems, Salem.06
3Accurate India Instruments, Coimbatore.02
4NGA Steel, Tiruchengode.08
5Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, Salem.06
6Pallava Textiles, Sankari.08
7VMC CAL Industries, Mettur.02
8India Cements Limited, Sankari.10
Batch : 2010-2014
1India Cements Limited, Sankari.08
2Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, Salem.05
3Subramaniya Siva Co-op Sugar Mill Limited, Dharmapuri.02
4Summer India Textile Mill Private Limited, Tiruchengode.05
5KCP Solar Industry, Salem.06
6Ramesh Conductors Private Limited, Mettur.02
Batch : 2011-2015
1Udayapatty Substation and MRT, Salem.12
2Shakthi Sugar Mills Limited, Bhavani.04
3Tamilnadu Magnesite Corporation, Salem.05
4Viswam TVS Private Limited, Tiruchengode.21
5Dalmia Magnesite Corporation, Salem.10
6Megawin Switchgear Private Limited, Salem.09
7Bluesoft Technology, Salem.03
8Ran India Steels Private Limited, Tiruchengode.03
9ELGI Electric and Industries Limited, Coimbatore.03
10Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL), Salem.04
11Sambandam Spinning Mills, Salem.11
12Crisp System, Salem.04
Batch : 2012-2016
1Sambandam Spinning Mills, Salem.18
2PCB Manufacturing (WINNANO), Salem.11
3Kandhagiri Spinning Mills, Salem.08
4Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL), Salem.08
5Technocart Automation, Chennai.05
6Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, Salem.03
7Viswam TVS Private Limited, Tiruchengode.05
Batch : 2013-2017
1Sambandam Spinning Mills, Salem.19
2PCB Manufacturing (VINNANO), Salem.19
3Sree Pooja Engineering Industries, Coimbatore.05
4Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL), Salem.41
5Supreme Industries Machinery Manufactures, Coimbatore.06
6Sri Gowridhurga Engineering Division, Tirupur.01
7G.V.Industrial Heaters, Salem. 01
8Electric Loco Shed, Southern Railway, Erode.02
9Aavin Milk Producers Limited, Salem.06
10Arupadai Arulmurugan Spinners Private Limited, Tiruchengode.08
Batch : 2014-2018
1Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL), Salem.18
2Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) - Refractory Section, Salem.05
3Operational Energy Group India Limited, Chennai.05
Batch : 2015-2019
1Megawin Switch Gear Private Limited, Salem.23
2Sambandam Spinning Mills, Salem.48
Batch : 2016-2020
1Megawin Switch Gear Private Limited, Salem.15
2Sambandam Spinning Mills, Salem.12
3Aavin Milk Producers Limited, Salem.16
4Vigneswara Steels Private Limited, Sankari12
Batch : 2017-2021
1Tamilnadu Electric Substation, Udayapatti, Salem08
2Electric Loco Shed, Southern Railway, Erode.11
3Mettur Thermal Power Station, Mettur.24
4Caliber Embedded Systems, Salem12
5Steel Authority of India Limited, Salem35
6Dalmia Magnesite, Salem22
7Uniso Technologies, Salem10
Batch : 2018-2022
1Steel Authority of India Limited, Salem
2Caliber embedded Technologies Pvt Ltd
3Sambandam Spinning Mills, Salem.
4Electric Loco Shed, Southern Railway, Erode4
Batch : 2020-2024
1Steel Authority of India Limited, Salem17
2JSW Steel14
3Sriwin Electric, Salem5
4ITC Limited- SBU Packaging and printing, Chennai2
5IPCS Digital, Salem1
6Golden Spinning Mills Ltd, Salem1
7Mettur Thermal Power Station, Mettur.5
8Sentient Software Corporation1
9SEPC Power Private Limited1
10AMEYA Plastics1
11R.S. Industry3
Batch : 2021-2025
1Steel Authority of India Limited, Salem5
2Emertxe Industry1
3Kodacy - Space Academy2
4Marcello Tech.1
5Ashok Leyland1
6Swelect Energy Systems, Edapadi8
7Mettur Thermal Power Station, Mettur.5
8NIRT Renewable Energy1
9Power Grid Corporation, Salem11
10Seshasayee Paper and Board Limited, Erode4
11PVN Power Line, Karupur 8
12Sans Innovations,Salem5
13NSIC (National Small Industries Corporation)5
Batch : 2022-2026
1Birds India Corporation 7
2Sambandam Spinning Mills, Salem.4
4Team Everest 5
5Simmi Foundation 1
Industrial Visits
Year / Sem
Name of the Industry
Date of Visit
Batch : 2009-2013
1II / IIIMegawin Switch Gear Private Limited, Salem.20.08.2010
2II / IIINeyveli Lignite corporation Limited, Neyveli.04.09.2010
3III / VHydro Power Plant , Mettur.03.09.2011
4III / VSeshasayee paper and Boards Limited, Pallipalayam.22.09.2011
5III / VISteel Authority of India, Salem.21.12.2011
6III / VIThe India Cements Ltd, Sankari.10.01.2012
Batch : 2010-2014
1I / IVisvesvaraya and Technological Museum, Bangalore.18.12.2010
2II / IIIThe India Cements Ltd, Sankari.22.07.2011
3II / IIIMettur Hydro Power Plant, Mettur03.09.2011
4III / VMettur Thermal Power Station, Mettur.13.07.2012
5III / VNeyveli Lignite corporation Limited, Neyveli.12.09.2012
6III / VHindustan Photo Films Mfg Co. Ltd., Ooty.17.09.2012
Batch : 2011-2015
1II / IIIThe India Cements Limited, Sankari.24.08.2012
2II / IIINeyveli Lignite corporation Limited, Neyveli.11.09.2012
3II / IVSeshasayee paper and Boards Limited, Pallipalayam.12.02.2013
4III / VMettur Thermal Power Station, Mettur.02.08.2013
5III / VIMettur Hydro Power Plant, Mettur.27.01.2014
6III / VISteel Authority of India, Salem.05.03.2014
Batch : 2012-2016
1II / IIIExide Batteries Pvt. Ltd., Hosur.13.09.2013
2II / IVSteel Authority of India, Salem.11.01.2014
3II / IVSeshasayee paper and Boards Limited, Pallipalayam.06.02.2014
Batch : 2013-2017
1II / IIISteel Authority of India, Salem.09.08.2014
2II / IIIIndia Cements Limited, Sankari.26.09.2014
3II / IVMettur Hydro Power Plant, Mettur.21.01.2015
4II / IVSeshasayee paper and Boards Limited, Pallipalayam.03.02.2015
5II / IVSeshasayee paper and Boards Limited, Pallipalayam.10.02.2015
6III / VRadio Astronomical Center, Ooty11.07.2015
7III / VMettur Hydro Power Plant, Mettur.31.07.2015
8III / VMettur Thermal Power Plant, Mettur.31.07.2015
9III / VTamilnadu Electricity Board - Sub-Station,
10III / VITraco Cables, Cochin06.02.2016
11III / VITraco Cables, Cochin27.02.2016
Batch : 2014-2018
1II /IIIKeltron Pvt. Ltd25.07.2015
MAS Solar System, Coimbatore30.07.2016
Sub-Station, K.R.Thoppur
4III/VMettur Thermal Power Station, Salem
Hindustan Spring Industry, Mysore
Sub-Station, K.R.Thoppur
Traco Cables, Cochin
Anand Water Meter, Cochin
Batch : 2015 - 2019
Steel Authorithy of India Limited, Salem
Kanam Latex Industries Limited, Nagercoil
Steel Authorithy of India Limited, Salem
Traco Cables, Cochin
Anna Aluminium Private Limited, Cochin18.02.2017
Batch : 2016 - 2020
1II/IIISteel Authorithy of India Limited, Salem24.07.2017
Mettur Thermal Power Station, Salem
3III/VSub-Station, K.R.Thoppur26.08.2018
Batch : 2017 - 2021
1II/IIISunbeam Generators, Pondicherry27.07.2018 & 13.01.2019
2III/VSub-Station, K.R.Thoppur17.08.2019
MAS Solar Systems, Coimbatore25.01.2019
4III/VIKerala Electrical Appliances Company, Kerala25.01.2020
Jasan Industries pvt Ltd
Batch : 2018 - 2022
1II/IIIKodaikannal Solar Observatory, Kodikannal25.09.2019
Batch : 2019 - 2023
1I/IMAS Solar Systems, Coimbatore02.11.2019
Batch : 2019 - 2023
Tea Factory,Ooty