The Master course is offered by the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering .very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) Circuits is an important area in modern technological world that has revolutionized the developments in Space technology, Defense, Communication, Instrumentation, Medical Electronics, Computing, Internet, and Modern automations in various industries. Since this specialization demands maturity from its designer’s higher education like Post Graduate and Research Programs are vital to the development of modern economy. The main focus of this course is to examine the electronics and design characteristics of transistors, gates and to study the methodologies involved in the integration of these devices into complex high-performance systems. This programme paves the way to prepare students for leading edge positions in VLSI industry. Students can pursue a professional master’s degree in the area of VLSI by completing the required core courses like VLSI design, Computer-aided design, Analog design analysis, Design implementation, Simulation, Testing and Applications along with some additional elective courses from electronics and computer engineering. The subject of VLSI systems spans a broad range of disciplines, including semiconductor devices and processing, integrated electronic circuits, digital logic, design disciplines and tools for creating complex systems, and the architecture, algorithms, and applications of complete VLSI systems. Students will be exposed with software like EDA tools, Xilinx, Mentor Graphics, and LabVIEW FPGA in this programme.

Eligibility: A student who possesses their B.E. / B.Tech in any one of the following disciplines prescribed below.

1. Electronics and Communication 5. Electronics and Instrumentation
2. Electrical and Electronics 6. Instrumentation and Control
3. Electronics 7. Computer Science and Engineering
4. Instrumentation 8. Information Technology
The strength of any educational program can be measured by the quality of its Faculty. In the department all the faculty members are highly qualified, competent and hand-picked for their long teaching, industrial and research experience. The Department is having well established and equipped laboratories. The department is also organizing Guest Lectures, Seminars/ Workshops and faculty development programmes to make the faculty updated and inculcate the new methodology in teaching.