Academic year
Name of VET Program
Industry / Agency Involved
No. of Hours
Number of students Participated
2019-2020Construction PracticesDr.G.Sivanatarjan ASP/Civil
Knowledge Institute of Technology,Salem
25.11.19 to 18.12.1912051
2018-2019Construction PracticesMr.M.Balamurugan, Managing Director, TOSET Land Survey lnstitute, Salern12.12.18 to 11.01.1916060
2017-2018Construction PracticesDr.S.Suriya Kumar. Managing Director, ABM and Envirotech Pvt. Ltd., Salem13.12.17 to 11.01.1816058
2016-2017Construction PracticesEr.V.Balaji Subbramanian, MD, Sri Vijayabarathy Associates, Structural Consultants and Engineers, Harur.14.12.16 to 10.01.1716065
2015-2016Construction PracticesMr.P.Vimalan, Director, SRC Project Private Limited, Salem.14.12.15 to 12.01.1616069
2014-2015Construction PracticesMr, Naga Venkata Sitarama Rao Manager (Civil) - Building Structure Competency Centre Operations. L&T Ltd., Chennai15.12.14 to 09.01.1516071