To inculcate students with cutting-edge information technologies and enhance them intoglobally recognized engineers who are socially responsible citizen.
M1To deliver reliable education with innovative techniques, software updates and
programming languages to the students.
M2To nurture students to work seamlessly with changing industry requirements
M3To impart skills to meet the growing demands in industry.
M4To shape the students as successful professionals with resilient ethics and society
Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)
Graduates will be able to
PEO-1Have a successful career as an IT professional with analytical and critical thinking
to meet the diversified requirements of industry, academia and research.
PEO-2Acquire leadership qualities with technical skills and entrepreneurship skills to
solve complex engineering and social problems with ethics and environmental
PEO-3Pursue lifelong learning, and involve in applied research to design optimal
Program Specific Outcome (PSOs)
To ensure graduates
PSO-1Have proficiency in programming skills to design, develop and apply appropriate
techniques, to solve complex engineering problems.
PSO-2Have knowledge to provide technological solutions for automation.
PSO-3Have the skill to secure and manage large volume of data.