E-governance is the integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in all the working processes of the system. It aims to minimize the manual efforts and improve the communication, create transparent system, and to be cost and time effective.

1.Planning and Development (View)

The institute uses ICT in the process the planning of college-events, activities andacademics through personal e-mails and Whatsapp.The college uses IMPRES ERP software for planning and developing Lesson plan, Individual student performance and students feedback. Important notices, reports and communication are also circulated via e-mails and Whatsapp to the faculty as well as students.To achieve the target of paperless communication and processes, it has started using Google facilities like Google Form, Google Sheet and Google Drive.

2. Administration (View)

The Administration of the College functions with E-governance system at College level.The college uses the modules like student attendance, library, transport, hostel and stock &inventory of Impress ERP software for administrative purposes.The college campus is equipped with CCTV Cameras installed at various places of need. College staff members use smartphones with inbuilt social app like Whatsapp and Gmail to communicate.WhatsApp Group helps to provide brief notices of any event to be happened in college.

3.Finance and Accounts (View)

The college uses the Tally ERP 9 Gold software for E-governance of transparentfunctioning of Finance and Accounts department of the college. This helps toincrease the efficiency of staff towards the accuracy in financialtransactions. The administrativeoffice maintains the reports and books of accounts generated from the software which helps in auditingprocedure.

4. Student Admission and Support (View)

The student admission process executes two different modes, one is government quota and another one is management quota. The government quota students are directly using the Directorate of Technical Education (DoTE) website in single window counselling method. On the other side management quota students are using college website and IMPRES ERP software for admission purposes.

5. Examination (View)

The College has the separate Examination cell equipped with ICTtools necessary for examination purpose. As per the requirement ofExamination cell, all the necessary equipment are provided by thecollege such as separate desktop,internet facility for paper downloading and further activities of exam purpose. In the university exam the entire processiscarried out on Anna University web portal and the internal exam activities are also carried out by IMPRES ERP software.