Rare Book List - Year Wise
S.NoTitleAuthorPublisherYear of Pub.
1The King's EnglishFowler H.W, Fowler F.GOxford at the Clarendon Press1954
2Air Conditioning and RefrigerationWilliam H. Severns, Julian R. FellowsJohn Wiley & Sons,Inc, London1958
3Rings of Continuous FunctionsGillman and JerisonVan Nostrand Company ,Affiliated East-West Press Pvt, Ltd, New Delhi.1960
4Indroduction to Radar SystemsMerrill I SkolnikMcgraw-Hill Book Company1962
5Measure TheoryPaul R. HalmosVan Nostrand Company ,Affiliated East-West Press Pvt, Ltd, New Delhi.1962
6An Introduction to Electrical Drawing Part IGibbinsBlackie & Son Limited, London and Glasgow1963
7An Introduction to Riemannian Geometry and the Tensor calculusWeatherburn C.ECambridge Universtiy Press1963
8Intermediate Engineering DrawingParkinson A CThe English language book society, London1964
9Physical ChemistryMee A JThe English Language Book Society1964
10An Introduction to Electro ChemistrySamuel, GlasstoneVan Nostrand Company,Affiliated East-West Press Pvt, Ltd, New Delhi.1965
11An Introduction to Probability Theory and its Applications Volume IIWilliam FellerWiley Eastern Limited ,New Delhi1966
12Dynamics of A Particle and of Rigid BodiesLoney S.LMacmillan London Limited1966
13Elements of Heat EnginesPandya N CCharotar Book Stall, W.Rly1967
14Applied ThermodynamicsVallentine H RSpringer1967
15Elements of Applied MechanicsJunnarkar S BCharotar Book Stall, W.Rly1967
16Elements of Physical MetallurgyGuy A GOxford & IBH Publishing Co.1967
17Machine Tool Design Vol 2Fedotyonok A, Yermakov VMIR Publishers1968
18A Text Book on Applied MathematicsWartikar P N, Wartikar J NA V Griha Prakashan1968
19The Electric WelderTsegelsky VMIR Publishers, Moscow1968
20Linear Topological SpacesKelley J.L, I. NamiokaVan Nostrand Company-Affiliated East-West Press Pvt, Ltd, New Delhi.1968
21Sound An Introductory Text-BookGovinda Rajan S.R, Murugaiyan TRochouse & Sons Pvt, Madras-11968
22The Analysis of Laminated Composite StructuresLee R. CalcoteVan Nostrand Reinhold Company1969
23Mechanical MeasurementsThomas G.Beckwith, N.Lewis BuckOxford & IBH Publishing Co.1969
24Basic Chess EndingsReuben FineDavid Mckay Company, New York1969
25A Guide to Patterns and Usage in English Hornby A. SThe English Language Book Society, and Oxford University Press1969
26Mathematical Methods in Physics and EngineeringJohn W. DettmanMcGraw Hill, New York1969
27Communicative Algebra Volume I`Oscar Zariski, Pierre SamuelVan Nostrand Company ,Affiliated East-West Press Pvt, Ltd, New Delhi.1969
28Rings and ModulesPaulo RibenboimInterscience Publishers, London1969
29An Introduction To Nonassociative AlgebrasRichar D. SchaferAcademic Press,New York and London1969
30Audel's Power Plant Engineers GuideGraham, Frank DD.B.Taraporevala Sons & Co Pvt Ltd; Bombay, 19701970
31Management fot the Smaller CompanyElizabeth MartingD.B Taraporevala sons & Co, Bombay1970
32The Corporate Planning ProcessMelville C BranchD.B Taraporevala sons & Co, Bombay1970
33Design of Steel and Timber StructureRamamrutham SDhanpat Rai & sons, Delhi1970
34Teaching English as a Foreign Language Gurrey PThe English Language Book Society,London.1970
35Weaving CalculationsSen Gupts RTaraporevala Sons & Co Bombay1971
36Mechanics of StructuresJunnarkar S BVivek Publications, Bombay1972
37Letter Assembly in PrintingWooldridgeFocal Press, Newyork1972
38How to Paly Winning ChessFred ReinfeldBantam Books, New York1972
39Mechanics(Statics & Dynamics)Dharmapadam A V1972
40The Art and Craft of WritingGorky M, Mayakovsky, Tolstoy A, Fedin KProgress Publishers,Moscow1972
41The Teaching of Structural words and sentence patternsHornby A SThe English language book society1973
42Metallurgy for EngineersRollason E.CThe English Language Book Society1973
43Organic Chemistry Vol 1I L FinarThe English Language Book Society1973
44English Grammar A Linguistic study of its classes and structuresScott Bowley-Brockett Brown - GoddardThe English Language Book Society1973
45The Reader's Digest Great Encyclopaedic DictionaryThe Reader's Digest Association, London.1974
46StructuresMarshall & Nelson H MThe English Language Book Society1974
47 Government and Politics in India (Since 1858 A.D)--1974
48Worked examples in Electrical TechnologyTheraja B LS.Chand & Company LTD, Delhi1975
49Fundamentals of Electrical SafetyManoilov VMIR Publishers, Moscow1975
50A Guide for Teachers and Parents On the Teaching of Modern Mathematics at the Primary LevelRichard A. Pereira S.JFrank Bros. & Co, Delhi1975
51History of India (from 1526 A.D) Ancillary --1975
52KandhapuranamRamasamy PulavarKazhagam1975
53Structural WeldingChavan V KDhanpat Rai & sons, Delhi1976
54abc's of Air ConditioningErnest TricomiD.B Taraporevala sons & Co, Bombay1976
55Structural WeldingChavan V KDhanpat Rai & sons, Delhi1976
56Principles of Metal WorkingSurender KumarOxford & IBH Publishing Co.1976
57I Love the Word ImpossibleAnn KiemelTyndale House Publishers, England1976
58Fundamentals of Machine DesignOrlow PMIR Publishers, Moscow1976
59Advanced AccountsShukla M C, Grewal T SS.Chand & Co1976
60Comparative Government1976
61Introduction to Work StudyGenevaUniversal Book Corporation1977
62Workshop Technology theory & PracticeGupta K N, Kaushish J PNew Heights1977
63Welding TechnologyGupta K N, Kaushish J PNew Heights1977
64Engineering Physical MetallurgyLakhtin YMIR Publishers, Moscow1977
65Automation in Electrical Power SystemsZabolotny P IMIR Publishers, Moscow1977
66Maintenance Engineering HandbookLindley R. Higgins, Editor-in- Chief Morrow L.CMcGraw Hill, New York1977
67The Monument BuildersRobert WernickTime Life Books1977
68Metal Process EngineeringPolukhin P, Grinberg B, Kantenik, Zhadan D, VasilyevMir Publishers, Moscow1977
69Electronics Designer's HandbookGiacoletto L JMcGraw Hill, New York1977
70Geometrical Drawing for Art StudentsMorris I. HDurga Prasad, Yugal Kishor Baranwal Chhata Bazar, Muzaffarpur1978
71Welding and Welding TechnologyRichard L LittleTata Mcgraw-Hill, Newdelhi1978
72A textbook of Chemical TechnologyShukla S D, Pandey G NVikas Publishing House1978
73Standard Handbook for Mechanical EngineersTheodore Baumeister, Eugene A Avallone, Theodore Baumeister IIIMcgraw-Hill Book Company1978
74Modern PhysicsRajam J BS.Chand & Co1978
75Principles of Metal CastingRichard W. Heine, Carl R. Loper, Philipc, RosenthalTata Mc-Graw Hill, New Delhi1978
76Statics Khanna M.LJai Prakash Nath & Co, Meerut City1978
77Engineering Heat TransferGupta C PNew Chand & Bros; Roorkee1979
78Repair of Metal-Cutting MachinesPekelis GMIR Publishers; Moscow1979
79HospitalArthur Hailey-1979
80Welding and cutting of MetalsKhanapetov MMIR Publishers, Moscow1979
81Waste water treatmentRao M N, Datta A KOxford & IBH Publishing Co.1979
82The book of ShipwrecksKenneth Hudson and Ann NichollsMacmillan London Limited1979
83Still FlyingCornwell E LIan Allan Ltd, London1979
84Olympic Moscow over 175 Color PhotographsCrescentCrescent Books, New York1979
85The Living WorldCathy Kilpatrick and Mark LambertMacdonald1979
86Elements of Workshop Technology Vol. II: Machine ToolsHajra S K, Choudhury, Bose S KMedia Promoters & Publishers, Bombay1979
87A Text Book of Engineering ChemistryUppal M MHimalaya Publishing House, Bombay1980
88A Text Book of Welding TechnologyKhanna O PDhanpat Rai & sons, Delhi1980
89Solve your Refrigeration Airconditioning ProblemsKumar SNew Heights1980
90Alternating Current MachinesSay M GThe English Language Book Society and Pitman1980
91Reinforced Concrete Structures Volume IBalkov V, E. SigalovMIR Publishers - Moscow1981
92Elements of Company LawKuchhal M CA Mahavir Publication1981
93A Brief Course of Higher MathematicsKudryavtsev V A, Demldovich B PMIR Publishers, Moscow1981
94Engineering ElectromagneticsWilliam H Hayt, JRMcgraw-Hill International Book Company1981
95Advanced Level PhysicsNelkon M ParkerArnold - Heinemann, New Delhi1981
96Frederic EngalesAyal Mozhi Pathippagam1981
97Industrial Engineering and Management Balasundaram KSultan Chand & Sons,Delhi1982
98Structural DesignAlexander KuznetsovMIR Publishers, Moscow1982
99Elements of EngineeringAjwani B TOxford & IBH Publishing Co.1982
100Highway EngineeringKhanna S K, Justo C E G1982
101Sri Mad Bagavad GeethaiNivaachaariyarThe Little flower Company1982
102Fitting PracticeMakienko N INew Central Book Agency, Calcutta1983
103Oil Hydraulics At The Service of MachinesLall BMir Publishers,Mascow1983
104A Text book of Machine Drawing Gupta R BProgressive Corporation Pvt.Ltd.,Bomba - Madras1983
105Machine DesignSundararaja Moorthy, Shanmugam Khanna Publishers, Delhi.1983
106Process Equipment Design Vessel DesignLloyd E Browmell, Edwin H YoungWiley Eastern Limited1983
107Excellence in ManagementNorthcote Parkinson, Rustomji M K1983
108Programming for Basic Subramanian NOxford & IBH Publishing, Calcutta1984
109Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power Vol - 2Veeravalli S.V, Sanghi, Singh S.NIIT Delhi1984
110Mechanical and Industrial MeasurementsJain R KOrient Longman, Calcutta1984
111Principles of Foundry TechnologyJain P LTata Mcgraw-Hill, Newdelhi1984
112Management Information Systems Conceptual Foundations, Structure and DevelopmentGordon B. Davis, Margrethe H. OlsonMcGraw Hill, New York1984
113Experimental Methods for EngineersJack P. HolmanMcGraw Hill, New York1984
114Principles of Metal WorkingSurendar KumarOxford & IBH Publishing; New Delhi1985
115An Introduction to Automatic TelephonyDas P NModern Book Agency Pvt LTD1985
116An Introduction to Manual TelephonyDas P NModern Book Agency Pvt LTD1985
117Probability and Expected ValueSultan Chand & Sons1985
118Business EconomicsSankarana.h. Wheeler&Co., Private Limited, Madras1985
119A Text Book of Factory OrganisationBanga T RSatya Prakashan, New Delhi.1985
120Industrial HydraulicsJohn Pippenger, Tyler HicksPHI, New Delhi.1985
121Handbook for Lathe Operators and ForemenLeizerson OMir Publishers,Mascow1985
122Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power Vol - 1Veeravalli S.V, Sanghi, Singh S.NIIT Delhi1985
123Tool DesignCyril Donaldeon, George H. Lecain, Goold V CS.Chand & Company LTD, Delhi1985
124The Motor VehicleNewton K, W.Steeds, T K GarrettEnglish Language Book Society1985
125Fit for LifeHarvey, Mariln DiamondWarner Books1985
126Electronic Devices and CircuitsJacob Millman, Christos C.HalkiasMcGraw Hill, New York1985
127Production Technology IIManian S SCBP Publishers1986
128Programming With PascalGottfried S ByronMc Graw Hill1986
129Elements of Workshop Technology Vol - II Machine ToolsHajra Choudhury, Bose, Hajra Choudhury A.KKhanna Publishers, Delhi.1986
130Strength of MaterialsRamamrutham SMedia Promoters & Publishers ,1986
131Principles of TelegraphyNripendra N BiswasMedia Promoters & Publishers Pvt. Ltd.1986
132Principles of Interactive Computer GraphicsWillaiam M Newman, Robert F Sproull1986
133Hitler's Samurai The Waffen - SS in actionBruce QuarrieGuild Publishing,London 1986
134Thyristors Theory and Applications Sugandhi R K, Sugandhi K KWiley Eastern Limited ,New Delhi1986
135Fundamentals of Tool DesignWilson, Frank WPHI; New Delhi1987
136Exploring the Unix SystemKochan, Stephen GCBS Publishers & Distributors; New Delhi, 19871987
137Fitting PracticeMakienko NMIR Publishers; Moscow1987
138Bulk Electric Supply and DistributionJain V KGalgotia Booksource; Gurgaon1987
139Principles of Fluid MechanicsNatarajan M KDhanpat Rai & Sons, Delhi.1987
140Heat and Mass Transfer Data BookKothandaraman C P, Subramanyan SKhanna Publishers, Delhi.1987
141Machine DrawingBhatt N DDhanpat Rai & Sons, Delhi.1987
142Beyond The Last Blue MountainLala R MKhanna Publishers, Delhi.1987
143The Management ProcessSohrab R. Davar and Nusli R. DavarPHI, New Delhi.1987
144Elementary Engineering Drawing ( Plane and Solid Geometry)Bhatt N DYoung Man & Co, Delhi1987
145Network Analysis Van Valkenburg M EPHI Pvt.Ltd., New Delhi.1987
146Courts of LoveJean PlaidyFontana / Collins1987
147Fundamentals of Engineering ThermodynamicsJohn R.Howell , Richard O. BuckiusTata McGraw Hill, New York1987
148Theory and Problems of Computer GraphicsRoy A. Plastock, Gordon KalleySchaum's Outline Series,London1987
149Engineering MaterialsSurendra SinghKonark Publishers Pvt Ltd1987
150Mathematics for Management An IntroductionRaghavachari MMcGraw Hill, New York1987
151Introduction To Turbo PrologCarl TownsendBPB Publications1988
152Vector Mechanics for engineersFerdinand P Beer, Russell JohnstonMcgraw-Hill Book Company1988
153Refrigeration and Air ConditioningArora C PTata Mcgraw-Hill, Newdelhi1988
154Fundamentals of Electricity and MagnetismDuggal B D, Chhabra C LShoban Lal Nagin Chand & Co1988
155Home Electronics Fix- IT BookHomer L DavidsonTAB Books Inc.1988
156The Soviet UnionLibrary of NationsTime - Life Book - Amsterdam1988
157Programming with Fortran 77A Structured ApproachDhaliwal R SWiley Eastern Limited 1989
158Fluid Mechanics and Fluid PowerMaiti B, Roy S, Dash S K, Som S KAllied Publishers Limited, New Delhi1989
159The Golden RoomIrving WallaceCorgi Books India Book Distributors1989
160Problems on Heat TransferChattopadhyay PKhanna Publishers, Delhi.1989
161A Text Book of Engineering DrawingNatarajan K V1989
162Mechanical Engineering designJoseph Edward ShigleyMcgrawhill1989
163The Guinness Book of RecordsDonald McFarlan, Norris D. McWhirterGuinness Publishing Ltd1989
164Designing for Quality: An Introduction to the best of Taguchi and Western Methods of Statistical Experimental DesignLochner, Robert HChapman and Hall; London1990
165An Introduction to the Principles of Communication TheoryJohn C HancockTMH1990
166Electromagnetic waves & Radiating SystemsEdward C JordanPHI1990
167Field TheoryGangadhar K AKhanna Publishers, Delhi1990
168Automatic Control SystemsVerma S NKhanna Publishers, Delhi1990
169Innovation and Entre-Preneurship: Practice and PrinciplesDrucker, Peter FAffiliated East-West Press; New Delhi1991
170An Introduction to Thyristors and Their ApplicationsRamamoorty MAffiliated East - West Press Pvt. LTD1991
171Principles of RefrigerationRoy J DossatWiley Easten Limited1991
172AutoLISP in AutoCAD II: Language Description and ReferenceSchmidt, JurgGalgotia Publications Pvt Ltd; New Delhi1992
173Illustrated Forpro 2.0Robert GranilloBPB Publications1992
174Introducing Systems Analysis and Design Volume 2LeeGalgotia Booksource1992
175Advanced AutoCAD: Release 12.Thomas, Robert MBPB Publications; New Delhi, 19931993
176A Matter of HonourJeffrey ArcherPenguin Books1993
177Machine DrawingNagpal G RKhanna Publishers1994
178Waste-to-Energy Technologies and Global ApplicationsEfstratios N KalogirouCRC Press13975
179Standardization in Smart GridsMathias Uslar (et.al)Springer12893
180Natural Disaster Risk ManagementUlrich RankeSpringer8288
181Genetically Modified Crops: Assessing SafetyAtherton, Keith TTaylor & Francis; London7692
182Reliability Wearout Mechanisms in Advanced CMOS TechnologiesStrong, Alvin WJohn Wiley; New Jersey7376
183Maintenance Engineering HandbookMobley, Keith RMcGraw Hill7095
184Interventions, Controls, and Applications in Occupational ErgonomicsMarras, William SCRC Press; Boca Raton7092
185Hazard Analysis Techniques for System SafetyEricson, CliftonJohn Wiley; New Jersey6004
186The Automotive Body Manufacturing Systems and ProcessesOmar, Mohammed AJohn Wiley; New Jersey5203
187Product Reliability, Maintainability, and Supportability HandbookPecht, MichaelCRC Press; Boca Raton5127
188Disaster Management Vol.1Ghosh G KA.P.H.Publishing Corporation; New Delhi5000
189Disaster Management Vol.2Ghosh G KA.P.H.Publishing Corporation; New Delhi
190Disaster Management Vol.3Ghosh G KA.P.H.Publishing Corporation; New Delhi
191Disaster Management Vol.4Ghosh G KA.P.H.Publishing Corporation; New Delhi
192Disaster Management Vol.5Ghosh G KA.P.H.Publishing Corporation; New Delhi
193Disaster Management Vol.6Ghosh G KA.P.H.Publishing Corporation; New Delhi
194Disaster Management Vol.1
Natural Disasters
Singh, K KAPH Publishing Corporation; New Delhi5000
195Disaster Management Vol.2 Environmental DisastersSingh, K KAPH Publishing Corporation; New Delhi
196Disaster Management. Vol.3 Manmade DisastersSingh, K KAPH Publishing Corporation; New Delhi
197CRC Handbook of Laboratory SafetyFurr, Keith ACRC Press; Boca Raton4995
198Applications of Cognitive Work AnalysisBisantz, Ann MCRC Press; Boca Raton4816
199Lubrication and Maintenance of Industrial Machinery: Best Practices and ReliabilityGresham, Robert MCRC Press; Boca Raton4816
200Mechanical Principles and Systems for Industrial MaintenanceKnotek, RichardPearson Education; New Delhi4786
201Violence Assessment and Intervention: The Practitioner's HandbookCawood, James SCRC Press; Boca Raton4583
202Hazardous Chemicals Safety and Compliance Handbook for the Metal Working IndustriesPohanish, Richard PIndustrial Press Inc; New York4491
203Maintenance Theory of ReliabilityNakagawa, TishioSpringer; London4429
204Radiation Safety: Protection and Management for Homeland Security and Emergency ResponseBurchfield, Larry AJohn Wiley Sons Inc; New Delhi4018
205Environmental EncyclopediaCunningham, William PJaico Publishing House; New Delhi3995
206Environmental EncyclopediaCunningham, William PJaico Publishing House; New Delhi3995
207Electrical Safety HandbookCadick, JohnMcGraw Hill; New York3781
208Handbook of Environmental Laws, Acts, Guidelines, Compliances and Standards. Vol. 1Trivedy, R KBSP Publications; Hyderabad3500
209Handbook of Environmental Laws, Acts, Guidelines, Compliances and Standards.Vol. 2Trivedy, R KBSP Publications; Hyderabad
210Physical Design Automation of VLSI SystemsBryan PreasThe Benjamin Cummings Publishing Company Inc/ California2919
211The Handbook of Optical Communication NetworksHussein T MouftahCRC press2500
212Academic American Encyclopaedia A - Ang, Vol - 1-Grolier International, USA13000
213Academic American Encyclopaedia A - Ang - AZ, Vol - 2-Grolier International, USA
214Academic American Encyclopaedia B, Vol - 3-Grolier International, USA
215Academic American Encyclopaedia C - CIT, Vol - 4-Grolier International, USA
216Academic American Encyclopaedia CIT - CZ, Vol - 5-Grolier International, USA
217Academic American Encyclopaedia D, Vol - 6-Grolier International, USA
218Academic American Encyclopaedia E, Vol - 7-Grolier International, USA
219Academic American Encyclopaedia F, Vol - 8-Grolier International, USA
220Academic American Encyclopaedia G, Vol - 9-Grolier International, USA
221Academic American Encyclopaedia H, Vol - 10-Grolier International, USA
222Academic American Encyclopaedia I - J, Vol - 11-Grolier International, USA
223Academic American Encyclopaedia K - L, Vol - 12-Grolier International, USA
224Academic American Encyclopaedia M, Vol - 13-Grolier International, USA
225Academic American Encyclopaedia N - O, Vol - 14-Grolier International, USA
226Academic American Encyclopaedia P Vol - 15-Grolier International, USA
227Academic American Encyclopaedia Q - R, Vol - 16-Grolier International, USA
228Academic American Encyclopaedia S - SNO, Vol - 17-Grolier International, USA
229Academic American Encyclopaedia SNO - SZ, Vol - 18-Grolier International, USA
230Academic American Encyclopaedia T-U-V, Vol - 19-Grolier International, USA
231Academic American Encyclopaedia W-X-Y-Z, Vol - 20-Grolier International, USA
232Academic American Encyclopaedia INDEX, Vol - 21-Grolier International, USA
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