CampesiLIB is an ILMS software is to design manage the institutional library management process. It captures almost every activity related to library and it has provision to log almost all stocks kept in the library like books, periodicals, back volumes and other non-book materials, etc.

Name of ILMS software Nature of automation (fully or partially) version Year of automation
CampesiLIB Fully 7.0.1 2009

Salient Features of CampesiLIB Software

1. Student Gate Entry Register

Online Module works interactively capturing the data from a barcode or an RFID scanner and logs as visitor entry.

2. Database Management – Cataloguing

The primary stock in the institution libraries are book and its mandatory one. This module manages creation, edit, and deletion of books. Book batch edit module enables user to organize the academic data based information regarding the book like department, subject, call number, etc.

3. OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)

This module is designed to search all the above databases using important fields and print the search results in any desired format/order. This module search the database using important fields such as accession number, call number, author, title, edition, year, publisher, subject, keywords, department, availability, etc.

4. Circulation Management – Transaction

This module is designed for all types of counter transactions such as:

  • Issue/Renewal /Return/ Reservation
  • Reminders/Overdue receipt/reports
  • Transactions Statistics/Reports

5. Online Stock Verification

This module allows for online stock verification of library resources using barcode scanner, data capturing unit and generates reports of books such as – missing, lost, issued, binding, transferred condemned, available, etc.

6. Report Management

            Daily transaction reports to be taken to manage the books and other material   issued to members.