The Mentor – Mentee system is functioning with an objective to bridge the gap between the teachers and students and to guide students on both educational and personal aspects.The allotted faculty acts as amentor to a group of 15 to 25 students. First year students’mentors are from the department of science & humanities and II, III and IV year students’ mentors are from the parent department. The parent department faculty mentors acts as mentors for the same group of students till their graduation.

The mentor performs the functions as follows.

  • Maintain an open and friendly environment between mentor and mentees.
  • Continuously monitor, counsel, guide and motivate the students in all academic, personal and career concerns.
  • Advise students regarding choice of electives, project, placement and training activities and internships etc.
  • Contact parents/guardians if situation demands e.g. academic irregularities, negative behavioral changes and interpersonal relations etc.
  • Discover talents and interests of mentees and they define and help them in attaining mentee’s goals.
  • Advice students in their career development regarding self-employment opportunities, entrepreneurship development, honesty and integrity required for career growth.
  • Advise students in their professional development regarding professional goals, selection of career and higher education.
  • Counsel them on their course regarding low attendance and low performance.
  • Maintain a mentoring form with a brief but clear record of all discussions with students.
  • Intimate HOD if any administrative action is needed.