Policy for maintaining facilities – laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc.


The administrative officer with a team of members and Block In-Charges monitor the maintenance and cleanliness of the buildings, classrooms, labs, furniture, campus ground, sports facilities, students amenity areas, canteen and hostel buildings.

As per the policy framework the, common utilities schedule are given below.

Electrical Maintenance
1Air Conditioner3 MonthsMechanical
2Audio Amplifier / Speaker / cableMonthlyEEE
4UPS / Invertor / Battery3 MonthsCSE/Electrician
5Fan / Light / Switch boardMonthlyElectrician
6LIFT / ElevatorMonthlyECE
7Lab - Distilled water unitMonthlyChemistry
8Black Board / Chalk Stand6 MonthsBlock In-Charge
9Water DoctorMonthlyElectrician
Furniture Maintenance
10Windows / Doors / Window ScreenMonthlyBlock In-Charge
11Class room Dias3 MonthsBlock In-Charge
12Drawing Table / Steel stools6 MonthsBlock In-Charge
13Desk / Table / Chairs6 MonthsBlock In-Charge
14Wooden Box / First aid Box/ Keyboard stand6 monthsBlock In-Charge
15S type chairs / Rolling chair6 MonthsBlock In-Charge
16Rest Room Tap / Wash basin / Lab Water TapMonthlyBlock In-Charge
17Hydraulic Door StopperMonthlyBlock In-Charge
18Normal Door StopperMonthlyBlock In-Charge
IT Maintenance
19CCTV CameraFortnightCSE
20Laptop /Desktop / OS / Printer and Antivirus Checking3 MonthsCSE
21Projector / ScreenMonthlyCSE
Infrastructure Maintenance
22Floor cleaning / Dust binDailyCampus Manager
23Lab Cupboard / Steel Bureau Drawer6 MonthsDepartment
24Notice board Locks6 MonthsDepartment
25Wall clockMonthlyDepartment
26Floor Tiles6 MonthsA.O/Campus Manager
27Fire Extinguisher6 MonthsA.O/Campus Manager
28Window Screen ( Wash)6 MonthsA.O/Campus Manager
29Reading Table, System Table, Book Shelves CleaningWeeklyLibrarian
30RO PlantDailyCampus Manager/Department
31Class Room Cleaning3 Days OnceCampus Manager/Department
32Lab CleaningWeeklyDepartment
33First Aid BoxMonthlyCampus Manager/Department
34Medical facilityMonthlyCampus Manager/Department
35Physically challenged facility3 MonthsCampus Manager/Department

Maintenance of Classrooms, Furniture and Laboratories

Classrooms with furniture, teaching aids and laboratories are maintained by the respective department staff and technical staff and supervised by the respective Head of the Department. Respective block In-charge report Head of the department and then to the administrative officer periodically for all the maintenance works.

Maintenance of library

Orderly stacking of books is ensured by librarian and support team for easy accessioning of books. The library staffs are clearly instructed in the care and handling of library documents.

Proper pest management is done to minimize the problems caused by insects, cockroaches and Rats.

Dust should not be allowed to deposit on the documents because the collection of dust causes staining of documents. Cleaning should be done regularly and carefully.

Maintenance of Electrical Instruments

2 Electricians extend their service to all the departments to ensure optimal utilization of electrical instruments. Notified problems are reported to respective in-charge of utilities and same will be reported to Administrative officer through HoD. Administrative officer supervise with Electricians for rectification.

Maintenance of computers, internet and networking Facilities

System Administrator and support team ensure the maintenance of ICT facilities including computers and servers, internet and networking. The maintenance includes the required software installation, antivirus and Campus Wi-Fi facility.

A maintenance register is maintained by each computer centre and respective laboratories. Issues related to Computers, Servers, Printers, Networking and System security identified by students/Lab Technicians are reported to system administrator through HOD, and the support team will clear the issues.

Maintenance of Lab Equipment

The respective Staff In charge, Technicians is given responsibility to maintain the equipment. Stock registers, maintained by the respective laboratories to report entries and defects arising for rectification. Repair if any, are reported to the Head of Department or the faculty-in charge and suitable measures are taken for speedy functioning of the equipment.

Breakage of glassware intended for use by students is entered in the breakage register and charges levied based on the cost of the equipment.

Any equipment’s required for major service is informed to company, in case it is under warranty. If warranty void, the service quotations are prepared by respective lab in-charge and submitted to administrative officer for further approval and sanctioning.

Maintenance of Sports and Games Facility

Seasonal maintenance of all equipment and ground are carried out regularly by the Physical Education director. Gymnasium and playgrounds are maintained by the staff of the Department of Physical Education. Any equipment’s required for major service is informed to company, in case it is under warranty. If warranty void, the service quotations are prepared by respective Physical Education director and submitted to administrative officer for further approval and sanctioning.

Maintenance of Transport Facility

Bus Manager is the In-Charge for all the institutional buses and other vehicles. In case of repair the same is informed to administrative officer for further approval and sanctioning of fund.