Facilities for doing Research
S. No.
Name of the Research Lab
Name of The Equipment
Texas Instruments and Gill Instruments Research Centre 1. TCP Mixed Signal Processor (MSP) 430
2. Mass Storage Device MSP 430
3. Long Range Wireless Module EMX CC1120
4. Wireless Sensor network Gateway
5. Wireless Sensor network Node
6. ET MSP430 Advanced Embedded system trainer
Mission 10X Technology Learning Centre 1. Unified Technology Learning Platform (UTLP) Kit
2. ARM Processor
3. DSP Processor
VLSI Design Laboratory 1. Virtex IV Evaluation Board XC4VSX25 Piggy Back Board
2. Virtex IV Evaluation board advanced universal FPGA Trainer
3. Altera cyclone II Evaluation Board
4. Digital Storage Oscilloscope
5. Xilinx Foundation ISE series software
6. Mentor Graphics EDA tool
NI LabVIEW Workbench 1. NI Measurement and Automation Platform
2. NI Digital Signal Processing Platform
3. NI Embedded Robotics Platform
4. NI Digital Image Processing Platform
5. NI FPGA Based Power Monitoring Platform
6. NI LabVIEW Graphical System Design Platform
Digital Signal Processing Laboratory 1. Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking Generator
2. Matlab with Signal Processing and Communication Tool Box
3. Matlab with Image Processing Tool Box and Simulink
4. Aphelion Dev Advanced Image processing Software
Embedded System Laboratory
1. Keil Professional Developer
2. Keil Single board Computer / Evaluation Board
3. Protocol Analyzer