The institution has a well-planned eco-friendly environment with provision for rain water harvesting and sewage treatment. The campus has around 600 trees which facilitate ambient environment for learning. The institution is increasing its green cover every year to have lush green environment.

The following are the Green Practices prevailing in the Institution:

  • Green landscaping with trees and Plants – The institution has around 600 trees in the campus to ensure zero carbon emission and pollution.
  • Every year alumni day is being celebrated and the newly inducted alumni plant a sapling in our campus.
  • Only limited vehicles are allowed in the academic area to avoid pollution and noise.
  • Burning of debris is banned inside the campus.
  • The buildings are constructed in a way to collect the rain water from the roof top, and bare landscape.
  • The provision for the collection and storage of rainwater is been provided for recharging the ground water.
  • A sewage treatment plant has been constructed to treat the liquid waste and the treated water is utilized for watering the trees.
  • Solid and e-waste are disposed properly through external waste management agencies.
  • Plastic free campus – “Say No to Plastics” banner and posters are displayed around the campus by the student volunteers to create awareness on ill effects of plasticsUsages of plastic bags are prohibited in the campus.
  • Public transportation like Government bus (TNSTC), private route bus, shared cab and autos are available very nearer to the college within 50 meters.
  • Around 1850 students and faculty members are able to avail 33 college bus facilities to reach out 4 neighboring districts (Salem, Erode, Namakkal and Dharmapuri).
  • Pedestrian friendly roads and platforms are laid in the campus.
  • Well planned drainage and rain water harvesting have been implemented throughout the campus to avoid water stagnation and disease (water born diseases).
  • Save Energy – Usage of LED bulbs have been initiated to use the energy in effective way.
  • Paperless Office – Communication inside the campus is made by using the recent advancement in communication like e-mail, Official groups in watsapp, Text SMS, shared network and Google drive etc,. The institution has implemented IMPRES ERP software for Admission, Attendance management and Academic monitoring, Payroll, and Student Activity Management etc,. Paper usage inside the campus is minimized in a large way.

Our Institution has

  • Green landscaping with trees and plant sapling
  • Plastic-free campus
  • Paperless office

Students, staff using

  • Bicycles
  • Public and College Transport
  • Pedestrian Friendly Roads