The purpose of an alumni association is to nurture a spirit of faithfulness and to promote the general welfare of Institution. Alumni associations exist to support the parent organization’s goals, and to strengthen the ties between alumni, the community, and the parent organization. Alumni Association was established in the year 2013 with primary objectives of strengthening alumni connections with institution. Alumni are our institution’s most loyal supporters. The office bearers are elected every year to coordinate the association activities. The following goals are defined to promote the activities.

  • To bridge a gap between the institution and alumni
  • To support internship and placement of the current students.
  • To involve in seminars / workshops to motivate, inspire the current students.
  • To promote the representation of the Institution.


  • Alumni association has a separate web portal, . It works like LinkedIn where alumni can share their information’s like job vacancies in the companies, Scope in IT sector and core industries among themselves
  • Activity chart will be planned and followed for the smooth conduction of Alumni association activities. In that chart, it is clearly mentioned about each and every activities schedule to be followed for the current academic year. Every year during the month of October alumni student’s details will be collected and updated in our database.
  • Every year Alumni induction day is organized to honor the outgoing students. Prior to the Alumni Induction Day, the commencement of Group photo session for the final year students of all departments will be planned and conducted. As the token of love, the memento (Group photo) will be issued to each and every final year student of all departments during the Alumni Induction Day. Executive members will be appointed from each and every section of all departments for meticulously managing all alumni association activities.
  • Each year Alumni meet in the name of ‘Convergencia’ is conducted for all the graduated students of our institution. Alumni were appreciated for the awards which they got in their working company/ organization. As commemorations of alumni, tree plantation is made for the previous year graduated batches of KIOT during the alumni meet. This Tree plantation is organized at every alumni meet to support the environmental awareness.


  • Alumni contribute their valuable feedback and suggestion through Alumni survey to find the curriculum gab and measure the PO attainment level and suggest the suitable content delivery method.
  • Totally 63 guest lectures and mentoring sessions are given during the last five years for career development and to learn interpersonal skills, advanced technologies, time management and programming skills in the last 5 years.
  • Alumni are involved in conducting mock interviews for final year students to get through in the Campus placements. Totally 9 mock interviews are organized during last five years.
  • Alumni often inviting for session chair in National Conferences and also as guest speakers in department association, technical club events that are conducted in Institution.
  • Alumni are involved to organize value added courses in recent technology for skill up gradation and employability of the present students.
  • Alumni provide job opportunities to fresh bachelors through references of professionals.
  • Alumni create awareness among students about the scope of their core subject in the professional world such as choosing the elective subjects in the curriculum.
  • Alumni contribute their final year project documentations and domain ideas to the present students for learning the advance technology and create opportunities to meet the current industrial standard.
  •  Alumni membership fees and alumni contribution are deposited in KIOT-ALUMNI  account and used for various alumni program.
  • Alumni guide our students in various contests conducted by Top MNC’s which helps them to get placements through contest.
  • With the help of social media, an alumnus creates communication networks with present student for better information exchange and healthy conversation.
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2020 - 21
Bangalore Regional Chapter Alumni Connect

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Chennai Regional Chapter Alumni Connect

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Salem Regional Chapter Alumni Connect

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Alumni connect- 2017 Batch Sangamam

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Alumni connect- 2018 Batch Sangamam

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Alumni Induction Day-2020 Batch

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Alumni connect- 2019 Batch Sangamam

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Alumni Connect 2019 Batch - Sangamam
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CONVERGENCIA 2020-Alumni Meet
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2018 - 19
Convergencia 2K19 (MECH & CIVIL)
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Convergencia 2K19 (EEE,ECE & CSE)
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REUNION of Alumni - 2017
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2017 -18
Convergencia2K18 (MECH,CSE,EEE,ECE)
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Convergencia 2K18
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REUNION of Alumni - 2016
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2016 - 17
Convergencia 2017
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REUNION of Alumni - 2015
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2015 -16
Convergencia 2016
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2014 -15
Alumni Meet - 2015
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