S.NoDate of FunctionNature of the ProgrammeFunction NameResource Person / Guest
118.6.18SeminarRole of Leveraging TechnologiesDr. N. Santhiyakumari, IEEE SB Counselor, KIOT
219.6.18DiscussionIndustry Vertical Clubs of ECEMr.V.Saravanan, ASP/ECE,
Mr.K.Rajesh, AP/ECE,
Mr.R.ShanmugaSundaram, AP/ECE,
Mr.P.ShanmugaSundaram, AP/ECE,
Mrs.D.Gayathri, AP/ECE,
320.6.18SeminarCareer-What do students ThinkDr. N. Santhiyakumari, IEEE SB Counselor, KIOT
421.6.18IEEE Awareness MeetIEEE Chairman MeetMr.S.Arjun Bharath, Chairman-IEEE SB,
Mr.B.K.Praveenkumar, Vice Chairman-IEEE SB,
522.6.18SeminarTrends in ICT & Future TechnologiesDr.PSS.Srinivasan, Principal,
Knowledge Institute of Technology, Salem.
625.6.18SeminarShape your CareerDr. N. Santhiyakumari, IEEE SB Counselor, KIOT
726.6.18SeminarCurrent placement Scenario & its StrategyDr.PSS.Srinivasan, Principal,
Knowledge Institute of Technology, Salem.
82.7.18SeminarIEEE – Start your careerMs.R.Hemalatha, IEEE Faculty Incharge
93.7.18SeminarRole of Embedded in modern daysMr.P.ShanmugaSundaram, AP/ECE, KIOT
104.7.18SeminarImportance of doing ProjectsMs.R.Hemalatha, IEEE Faculty Incharge
1111.7.18Spectrum AnalysisSolid state Lithium Ion batteries for DronesMs.R.Hemalatha, IEEE Faculty Incharge
1217.7.18DiscussionIEEE Computer Society membership and IEEE Xtreme ContestMs.R.Hemalatha, IEEE Faculty Incharge
1324.7.18Spectrum AnalysisFuture of cyber security is QuantumMr.B.K.Praveenkumar, Vice Chairman-IEEE SB,
1431.7.18DiscussionInnovative Project IdeasMs.R.Hemalatha, IEEE Faculty Incharge
1506.8.18Spectrum AnalysisThe secret to safer Lithium – Ion batteriesM.Dineshkumar, IEEE Executive Member, KIOT
1610.8.18Spectrum AnalysisCarnegie Mellon is Saving Old Software from OblivionK.Anu, Joint Secretary-IEEE SB, KIOT
1716.8.18Spectrum AnalysisA Twist in Graphene Could Make for Tunable Electronic DevicesMs.R.Hemalatha, IEEE Faculty Incharge
1820.8.18IEEE MeetIEEE Chairman MeetMr.S.Arjun Bharath, Chairman-IEEE SB, KIOT
1911.9.18Spectrum AnalysisNew Spot – Beam Antennas Boost Communication Satellites’ BandwidthMr.S.Arjun Bharath, Chairman-IEEE SB, KIOT
2018.9.18Spectrum AnalysisAI Could Provide Moment-by-Moment Nursing for a Hospital’s Sickest PatientsD.Rosini, Executive Member-IEEE SB, KIOT
2122.9.18Technical talkFrontier Area AwarenessMr. K. Rajesh, Assistant Professor/ECE, KIOT
2227.9.18Spectrum AnalysisAeolus Satellite Uses Powerful Ultraviolet Lidar to Measure Wind Speeds from SpaceK.Anu, Joint Secretary-IEEE SB, KIOT
2329.9.18Special lectureSurgical Strike Day-2018IEEE Executive Members, IEEE Student Branch, KIOT
243.10.18SeminarIEEE Club BenefitsMrs.R.Hemalatha, IEEE-WIE Faculty Incharge, KIOT
254.10.18Spectrum AnalysisThe Desperate Quest for Genomic Compression AlgorithmsD.Rosini, Executive Member-IEEE SB, KIOT
268.10.18SeminarIEEE - New Technology Connections: Future DirectionsDr. N. Santhiyakumari, IEEE SB Counselor, KIOT
2710.10.18Technical QuizEx-Quiz Me??Mr.R.Raghavendar, IEEE Executive Member, IEEE Student Branch,
2811.10.18IEEE DAY-2018IEEE Day CelebrationIEEE Executive members
2913.10.18Spectrum AnalysisSilicon Photonics Stumbles at the Last MeterM.Dineshkumar, IEEE Executive Member, KIOT
3016.10.18Spectrum AnalysisA Visit to the CloudMr.B.K.Praveenkumar, Vice Chairman-IEEE SB,