Atal Innovation Mission

The government’s initiative – Atal Innovation Mission through which thousands of Atal Tinkering Labs have been established across India. These ATL labs are a hub of innovation helping to create an environment of learning, where curiosity is appreciated and encouraged, where one gets to experiment, observe and tinker to your hearts content.

     Leading these ATL labs are selected representatives known as ‘Mentors of Change’ who are part of a voluntary initiative known as Mentor India. Under this drive, people who can guide and mentor students are chosen to lead Atal Innovation Mission programs.

     Mentors of change play a vital role in the development of students skillset as they enable them to experience, learn and practice future skills such as ideation, design thinking, 3D design and printing, computational thinking, and more.

      The role envisioned for mentors centers on them serving as a soundboard for ideas, being a well of technical knowledge, applying a solution-oriented approach, motivating them to strive to better themselves and build a strong team that covers the weaknesses and augments the strengths of its members. Atal Innovation Mission has defined certain key aspects of the Mentor India program.

Activity Photos – A.Y ( 2018-2019)
Dr.K.Visagavel -Mentor of Change for Mentor of Change of Government Higher Secondary School Panamarathupatty, ATL Lab