PG Lab Equipments
Lab InchargeMr. K. Gopi
Technical AssistantMr.K.Sathyaraj
Key Learning1. Write HDL code for basic as well as advanced digital integrated circuits. 2. Import the logic modules into FPGA Boards. 3. Synthesize, Place and Route the digital IPs. 4. Design, Simulate and Extract the layouts of Analog IC Blocks using EDA tools.
Xilinx12.1Xilinx ISE(Integrated Software Environment) is a software tool by Xilinx for synthesis and analysis of HDL designs, enabling the developer to synthesize ("compile") their designs, perform timing analysis, examine RTL diagrams, simulate a design's reaction to different stimuli, and configure the target device with the programmer.
Mentor GraphicsMentor Graphics provides solutions that enable designers to leverage the power of System Verilog for productive design creation, effective test bench development, and efficient synthesis. The most comprehensive IC design, verification, DFM and test technologies custom analog and digital, digital place and route, mixed-signal and system-on-chip (SoC) designs are possible with mentor graphics.
MultisimMultisim (formerly MultiSIM) is an electronic schematic capture and simulation program which is part of a suite of circuit design programs. Multisim includes microcontroller simulation (formerly known as MultiMCU), as well as integrated import and export features to the Printed Circuit Board layout software in the suite, NI Ultiboard.
LabVIEWLabVIEW FPGA Module deliver graphical development for FPGA chips on NI reconfigurable I/O (RIO) hardware targets. With the LabVIEW FPGA Module, you can develop FPGA VIs on a host computer running Windows, and LabVIEW compiles and implements the code in hardware. You can create embedded FPGA VIs that combine direct access to I/O with user-defined LabVIEW logic to define custom hardware for applications such as digital protocol communication, hardware-in-the-loop simulation, and rapid control prototyping.
Analog Discovery kitThe USB-powered Analog Discovery measures, visualizes, analyzes, records and controls mixed signal circuits of all kinds, Also builds and tests analogue and digital circuits. It has Built-in dual channel oscilloscope and function generator, digital I/O and two power supplies
Spartan-3ECost-optimized balance of programmable logic, connectivity, and dedicated hard IP of low-cost applications. Used for Highest Density and Pin-Count Applications where both high logic density and high I/O count is important. Ideal for highly-integrated data-processing applications.
VirtexOptimized for applications that require ultra high-speed serial connectivity, and enables next-generation packet and transport, switch fabric, video switching, and imaging equipment. Enables integration of advance functionality such as packet processing, encryption, and traffic management.
Altera BoardIt is an ideal vehicle for learning about digital logic, computer organization, and FPGAs. It is suitable for a wide range of exercises in courses on digital logic and computer organization, from simple tasks that illustrate fundamental concepts to advanced designs.
Digital Storage OscilloscopeA digital storage oscilloscope is an oscilloscope which stores and analyses the signal digitally rather than using analogue techniques. It is now the most common type of oscilloscope in use because of the advanced trigger, storage, display and measurement features which it typically provides.
Logic AnalyzerA logic analyzer is an electronic instrument that captures and displays multiple signals from a digital system or digital circuit. A logic analyzer may convert the captured data into timing diagrams, protocol decodes, state machine traces, assembly language, or may correlate assembly with source-level software.