International Journals
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Year, Vol. , No. Pages
1Dr.N.Suthanthira Vanitha and R.Manikandan Survey of Built-in Self-Test for Embedded MemoriesInternational Journal of Electronics & Communication Technology (JCET)2012,Vol-3, Issue 2
2Dr.N.Suthanthira Vanitha, R.Ramani and S.ValarmathyA Comparative Study of Algorithms for Breast Cancer Detection in MammogramEuropean Journal of Scientific Research (EJSR) (Annexure-II)2012,Vol-91, Issue 1, Ref: 1112/7537
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4N.Suthanthira Vanitha, R.Ramani and S.ValarmathyA survey of recent image segmentation technique for MRI brain imageInternational Journal of Computer Science and Technology2013,Vol 4 Issue
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